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Wood Dinette Sets

100% Solid Wood Dinette Sets


Dinette.com's Wood Dinette Tables and Chairs are made of 100% Solid Wood.

Most all of Dinette.com's dinettes are made from plantation grown hardwoods, similar in properties to Oak that is grown in the United States. This wood is grown expressly for use in furniture. It is durable, affordable and best of all, it is renewable. In other words, our products are environmentally friendly.

When we say Solid Wood, we mean that there are NO PRESSWOODS OR VENEERS used in our sets.

To illustrate the high quality of our 100% solid wood dinettes, we took the liberty of sawing through a table leg. This cross section will give you a better idea of the durability of our products.

Once we have selected the highest quality hardwoods to work with, each piece of our solid wood dining room furniture is crafted with great skill and care. We take pride in our selection of dinette sets because we know that each and every product is a result of quality workmanship and first-class expertise. We also know that our customers deserve only the best, and we feel confident that our solid wood dinette sets meet this high standard.

In addition to high quality craftsmanship, our dinette sets also provide outstanding style. We offer an incredible selection of different designs that will enhance and complement any household's dining area. Our dinette sets will also help you to enjoy endless sophisticated and elegant dining experiences. The various styles in our collection range from traditional to sleek and modern, and all of our ensembles feature beautiful lines and detailing.

We also offer a number of different color tones and finishes that will make your dining room warm and inviting. Whether you're looking for a dining table and chairs with a unique espresso coloring or a dinette set with an appealing golden oak finish, you can find it at Dinette.com. Some of our collections also include incredible features such as genuine slate inserts and unique textured paint finishes.

Perhaps best of all, our ensembles of dining room furniture are very functional and will meet the needs of customers with many different lifestyles. We truly believe that we offer the best selection of high-quality, solid wood dining tables and chairs and hope that you will take a moment to browse through our various collections. With style, durability, and practicality, our dinette sets are sure to provide you with years of incredible dining experiences.

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