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you should discover just how to best care for your dinette set so it will give you years of dining pleasure


So, you finally broke down and purchased a dinette set with a lovely wood table. Now, you should discover just how to best care for the table so it will give you years of dining pleasure.

Your new table will be subjected to spills, scrapes, scuffs and many other hazards. Most of these are unavoidable as you are raising children. But there are hazards that can be avoided, and you need to do your best to keep your table protected. For example, dry air will eventually take its toll on your new table in the form of cracks and splitting. It would serve you well to utilize a humidifier. The opposite also holds true. If there is too much moisture in the air, it will lead to unwanted expansion of your table. The easy solution here is to buy a dehumidifier.

You want to make sure your table isn’t exposed to continuous direct sunlight. This may be reason enough to buy new curtains for your kitchen or dining room. Also, avoid placing your new table near heating vents and fireplaces, direct contact with high temperatures is not good for wood.

Even the accumulation of dust can be bad for your table. Dust your table using a soft cloth following the grain pattern of the wood. An old diaper or t-shirt will do just fine. You should dust often to avoid the build-up of particles that can scratch the surface of your table.

Proper care of your table means it will look just as great 10 years from now as it does today.