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You Just Placed the Perfect Dinette Set in Your Kitchen, You are Now Wondering what Type of Lighting will be Appropriate

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You just placed the perfect dinette set in your kitchen, you are now wondering what type of lighting will be appropriate. You want to avoid lighting that is too bright or too dim. You also wonder how far from the table your lighting should hang. There are just so many questions concerning lighting that you are left confused. Take a deep breath, we are here to help.

Your kitchen table will be the most frequented area in your home, so you want the lighting to be perfect. To enjoy the primary goals of eating and communicating at the table, your lighting should illuminate the occupants without interfering with the view across the table. The proper height of a hanging light fixture is about 30 inches above the table. However, if your family consists of several 6 footers, 36 inches is a better gauge. At this height, it allows people to walk under the fixture for cleaning purposes. The overall width of your lighting should not exceed half the width of your new table.

Exposed bulbs are as much of a feature in your lighting as any other part of the design. Chandelier-style fixtures that have exposed upright bulbs require tapered bulbs. Some contemporary style fixtures look really good with clear bulbs. If you are using spiral-shaped CFL bulbs, it is best if you camouflage those as best as you can. Whichever type of bulbs you choose, you really need to take a look at the fixture from a seated position at the table to make sure it looks good.

When the proper lighting is installed, it will provide a pleasing form and satisfying function.