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While a Dining Room Offers a Formal Setting for Meals, Dinette Sets in the Kitchen Offer a Separate Cozy, Yet Casual Eating Location

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Style, fashion and design all seem to come about full circle. That is, what was once popular in the past, will be once again. We see this in fashion and style with regularity, as we do in, say, home decor. You may embrace an art deco look in your home while your neighbor might enjoy a more traditional style. Kitchen designs are gravitating to a more open feel, as seen by the popularity of bistro style shelving. And no longer are we insisting on the biggest island to plunk down smack dab in the middle of the kitchen. With this move to an open kitchen comes the renewal of interest in dine-in kitchens. While a dining room offers a formal setting for meals, dinette sets in the kitchen offer a separate cozy, yet casual eating location.

Think about the reasoning behind placing a dining table in your kitchen. The kitchen is, after all, the place where everybody tends to gravitate. Your kitchen is the hub of your home, so it makes perfect sense to enable people to be comfortable in your kitchen, keep them from leaning on cabinets during intense conversations about the events of the day. You place a dinette set in your kitchen and family and friends have a place to sit, to eat and to play.

You want a gathering spot for formal dinners and other celebrations, then by all means utilize the dining room. But, for everyday affairs that call for a casual, laid back setting, then have everyone gather around the kitchen table.