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The Difference in Dinette Tables and Dining Room Tables


In your home, you have rooms dedicated for different purposes. For example, your living room is designated for entertaining while the den is strictly for relaxation. This also holds true to rooms dedicated to eating. If your home has both a breakfast room and a formal dining room, you need to know what the differences are to better utilize them.

You dining room was built specifically as the official room where meals are to be consumed. The placement of dining rooms is typically near or even connected to the kitchen. Dining rooms feature large tables referred to as dining tables. The lighting in your dining room should be adequate enough so your guests can see what they are eating. Modern dining rooms can be as big as a bedroom and are utilized for entertaining purposes. In medieval times, dining rooms were called dining halls as they were huge and could house hundreds of guests.

The breakfast room, or breakfast nook if you prefer, is designed to be in very close proximity to the kitchen. The purpose of a breakfast room is to offer a place to relax and enjoy the comforts of the first meal of the day. Breakfast roms are also utilized for those informal lunches and dinners. The breakfast room features a smaller table known as a dinette. Typically, you will purchase a dinette set for your breakfast room.

Both of these rooms are designed for eating and entertaining. The biggest difference between them is size. But both rooms will look great with the perfect dinette set or dining room set. And this is where we can help.