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Make Sure You Choose a Kitchen Table Set or Dining Room Set That Will Give You Years of Happy Moments


Are you a fan of a really good movie? If you like to watch movies, no doubt you have witnessed iconic scenes that just happen to take place on, in or around the dining room table. Here are our favorite movie moments that just happen to take place at our favorite gathering place; the dining room table.

There was a scene in the movie Meet The Parents when Ben Stiller's character, Greg, breaks the vase carrying the remains of his soon-to-be father-in-law’s mother. All this takes place while the family is trying to have a nice meal around the table.

In the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, our daring Dr, Jones is dressed to kill at a chintzy dinner where the patrons are feasting on giant bugs and chilled monkey brains. Highly entertaining.

In the classic hit Beetlejuice, The new residents of the haunted house receive an unexpected visit from Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin. The forced song and dance is utterly hysterical.

No doubt many of you have seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind, probably more than once. This movie made mashed potatoes a household favorite for dinner. We are also willing to bet many of you have tried to create a mountain from your mashed potatoes.

Finally, there is a chilling scene from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre when our ghastly family of serial killer are sitting around the dining room table literally torturing a poor, helpless victim. Just remember it was just a movie.

Your dining room table is the center point for family and friends. It is where many iconic moments in your life will happen. Make sure you choose a kitchen table set or dining room set that will give you years of happy moments.