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If You are in the Market for a Dining Room Set, Check Out Our Line of Styles


The central piece in any dining room is the table. It sets the tone of the room as it is the dominate fixture. When in the market for a dining room set, look beyond the table size and shape and consider the style you desire. Here are some table styles that just may catch your eye.

The traditional oval dining table style is both classic and beautiful. These are the type of tables that usually get handed down through the generations. Antique versions of this style are very popular and can be found at auctions or in specialty stores. Often, these tables are made with removable leaves so they are also a practical choice.

Round pedestal tables are easy to sit at as there are no legs to get in the way. Traditional pedestal tables can be found in wood or marble. Modern pedestal tables offer a fluid look and are geared for a more contemporary setting.

Over the last few years, the rustic modern table has become increasingly popular. This style table is streamlined and rectangular in shape. A very popular look is the mix of wood and metal.

Farmhouse style tables are relaxed and rustic. They do indeed remind you of a table you would see in the kitchen of a farmhouse. These tables are constructed of wood and have a very laid back look to them. They are the place where you like to eat your comfort foods.

If you are in the market for a dining room set, check out our line of styles. We offer traditional sets as well as sets that flow better in contemporary settings. Visit our website and discover what we have to offer.